The EuropeanCyberSecurityMonth is in full swing. Again this year, in October, numerous companies and associations from all over Europe are participating in campaigns to raise awareness of cyber security. Private individuals and companies are sensitized to responsible behaviour in virtual space. Even today, IT security and encryption are still too often neglected. However, it is well known that the need for secure communication is rising rapidly.

With the increasing networking of people and things in everyday life (IoT), the degree of digitization only knows one course – it is growing exponentially. This also increases the demand for encryption concepts and intelligent solutions for secure digitization in almost all areas.

From discounters around the corner to security communication in the secret service – cryptovision GmbH solution concepts find an answer to the dangers of the digital world. This includes the technical security device (TSE) developed for Bundesdruckerei for cash register systems and the VS-NfD approved e-mail and file encryption software GreenShield: In Germany alone, sales tax fraud causes damage worth billions every year. The cryptovision GmbH with its TSE provides more security in the tax system – so that each tax paid by the customer at the cash register arrives at the intended places and does not disappear into private bags.

With the state certified VS-NfD E-Mail and file coding solution GreenShield, the cryptovision GmbH provides safe digital communication in secret protected authorities and enterprises.

Since its establishment in the year 1999 the cv cryptovision GmbH stands for user friendly cryptography solutions. With its well-balanced product range of electronic ID cards, e-mail and file encryption and fiscalisation solutions, cryptovision contributes significantly to the protection of digital identities and communication. The key to the application of security solutions lies in simplicity, user-friendliness and reliability. Therefore, the dynamic 60-person team of cryptovision GmbH is working hard this month to improve existing and develop new user-friendly encryption solutions in order to further optimize our proven products and create new solutions. And so we make – not only in October – our concrete contribution to the EuropeanCyberSecurityMonth!