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FIFA, hacked again, is leaking like a sieve

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), world soccer’s governing body, acknowledged last week that it’s been hacked – again. The first cyberattack, in 2017 – which led to the publishing of footballers’ failed drug tests – was attributed to the Russian hacking group Fancy Bear, also known as APT28. FIFA President Gianni Infantino admitted to the new hack while talking to the press after a FIFA Council meeting last week in …Read More

Private messages from 81,000 hacked Facebook accounts for sale

Hackers appear to have compromised and published private messages from at least 81,000 Facebook users’ accounts. The perpetrators told the BBC Russian Service that they had details from a total of 120 million accounts, which they were attempting to sell, although there are reasons to be sceptical about that figure. Facebook said its security had not been compromised. And the data had probably been obtained through malicious browser extensions. Read …Read More

IoT opening doors to new security challenges

Growth in the IoT market is paving the way for new types of security risk, with no single approach likely to be able to address all of the issues, executives here said. While IoT is seen by operators and manufacturers as a way of creating new growth, connecting homes and transforming industries, this will bring with it the need for different approaches to security. And the proliferation of low-cost IoT …Read More

VW eyes revamped and transformed sales model by 2020

The Volkswagen brand says it is to fundamentally restructure its sales model with a new programme to be launched in Europe in April 2020. The new programme will involve a ‘transformation in sales driven by progressive digitalisation and connectivity of Volkswagen fleet’. It also said that online business is to be expanded, with direct sales to and direct online sales to customers will grow ‘massively’. Customers are also to be …Read More

Visit cryptovision at the ICAO TRIP in Montreal

cryptovision will again be present this year, when the leading experts on electronic travel documents will exchange information at the world aviation organization ICAO from October 23-25. As ICAO plays an important role in the standardisation of electronic passports and ID cards, it is predestined to host this event, known as Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP). The venerable meeting hall of the ICAO building in Montreal, Canada, where every country in …Read More

The Worst Hack in Science Fiction Has Allegedly Already Happened in Real Life

Chinese hackers planted a malicious chip into computer equipment used by a slew of US companies, including Apple and Amazon, according to a report from Bloomberg Businessweek. If this story checks out, it would be one of the most important and devastating security breaches in history, one that highlights a core weakness baked into American capitalism. It could have major ramifications not only in the security industry but in international …Read More

cryptovision to exhibit at it-sa 2018 in Nuremberg

Are you looking for a cross-platform identification and authentication solution for your company and your employees? If so, a visit to the cryptovision stand at it-sa (booth 10.0-420) is worthwhile. We will be happy to show you by means of a product demonstration how a multifunctional card can solve identity requirements and thus increase the efficiency and security in your company. With our solution, you can use the verified digital …Read More

cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh gives radio interview

The daily show “Zeitzeichen” on WDR 5 is one of the most popular radio formats in Germany. In a report about the legendary encryption machine Enigma, which aired last week, cryptovision employee and Enigma expert Klaus Schmeh had his say – with numerous O-tones. The responsible editor Martin Herzog had visited cryptovision a few weeks before to interview Klaus. Other experts interviewed by Herzog were Jochen Viehoff from the Heinz-Nixdorf-Museum …Read More

Putting everything on one card

Without this piece of plastic, little is possible in everyday life. Chip cards penetrate our lives like hardly any other technical innovation. And who invented it? Two Germans, in 1968. They foresaw that people would soon have to present a forgery-proof machine-readable document instead of a paper identity card. They therefore devised an electronically readable data memory that could be built into a plastic card. “The two called their invention …Read More

Lettuce-based and more: Klaus Schmeh to speak about Post Quantum Cryptography at 44CON

Have you ever heard of Lettuce-based Cryptography? Probably not. Perhaps, you have heard of Lattice-baced Cryptography, which is a family of asymmetric crypto methods believed to be secure against quantum computers. There are a few others of this kind, like Hash-based and Code-based crypto schemes. All of them are very sophisticated from a mathematical point of view. cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh, who has a special skill in explaining complex technical concepts, …Read More