“The program committee was blown away by your Powerpoint slides”, said a member of the organizing team at RSA 2020 to cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh. As one of very few Germans, Klaus was chosen to give a presentation at the conference part of the event, which represents the world’s largest crypto gathering with over 45,000 attendees. Titled “Understanding and Explaining Post-Quantum Crypto with Cartoons”, the talk introduced the main post-quantum crypto algorithms with every slide showing a cartoon. Over 200 people in the audience proved as blown away by the presentation as the program committee.

cryptovision’s Adam Ross gave a talk, too. At the German-American IT Security Forum, hosted by the German industry association, TeleTrusT, he spoke about “Securing the Internet of Things – Embedded Security Made in Germany”.

Along with their co-worker Lutz Feldhege, Adam and Klaus ran a booth at the German pavilion of the exhibition part of RSA 2020, showcasing cryptovision products such as the smart credential middleware SCinterface and the PKI solution CAmelot. With about 600 booths, RSA once again qualified as the largest crypto exhibition in the world. Cryptovision is proud to have been a part of this great event.

Event website: https://www.rsaconference.com/events/us20