Another day at work begins and first it is a login to at the operating system, perhaps then again at the VPN. Next it is encrypting or digitally signing several emails. It is obvious that a smart card user needs to enter their PIN many times a day. The time required for this repeated procedure is considerable: assuming that a user enters his PIN five times a day for each of four applications he uses, at a cost of five seconds per entry, a company with 50,000 users wastes 1,389 working hours (and thus four-digit costs) per day. This is where cryptovision’s newest product, sc/interface cache, comes in. This innovative add-on enables secure PIN caching – and thus single sign-on – with the cryptovision smart credential middleware sc/interface. The end user experience is seamless and the user only has to enter his PIN once and can then use their card across a myriad of different applications – even with Universal Windows platform applications such as EDGE – without having to re-enter their PIN. Considering the previous calculation, it is obvious that an investment in sc/interface cache pays for itself within a few days.

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