The SecIT 2020 in Hanover was to become a real highlight for cryptovision. Klaus Schmeh, Chief Editor Marketing at the Gelsenkirchen-based specialist for cryptography and electronic identities, was booked for a lecture, where he was to be on stage together with Bruce Schneier. Schneier is considered the most famous cryptologist in the world.

But then came the corona crisis, and with SecIT 2020 Schmeh’s joint appearance with the prominent partner fell through. At least, the organizers reacted quickly and converted the conference into an online event, which took place a few days later. The agenda was reduced, with both Schmeh and Schneier retaining their presentations. On 30 and 31 March, the virtual SecIT finally took place. Klaus gave a video conference on quantum cryptography before Schneier spoke live from the USA about Incedent Response. Though a virtual lecture was an unusual experience because of the lack of personal contact with the audience, Klaus’s engaging presentation style and his popular comic slides once again did their job. In the online forum it was quickly agreed: the experiment was a success, but even the best online event cannot replace a face-to-face gathering.

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