Encryption is an important thing – but it is used far too rarely. This was the message of the keynote lecture held by cryptovision employee Klaus Schmeh at the Security PWNing on 15 November in Warsaw. With almost 1000 visitors, Security PWNing is one of the most important IT security conferences in Eastern Europe. The hacker Gynvael Coldwind, who chaired the program committee, had engaged Schmeh because he has appreciated his presentation style – with a lot of humor and self-drawn cartoons – for years. Coldwind and the rest of the audience were not disappointed. Schmeh not only relentlessly revealed the shortcomings of the current (non-)use of cryptography, but also presented interesting solution strategies. The new magic word is “human-centred cryptography”. The human being has to be the focus of attention, then encryption will work.

Security PWNing website: https://www.instytutpwn.pl/konferencja/pwning/