cryptovision will be represented with two presentations at the renowned BSI congress next week. In both presentations GreenShield, cryptovision’s innovative email and file encryption solution, plays a central role. This is no coincidence, as GreenShield is currently in great demand.

In particular, Greenshield can be used to replace the encryption software Chiasmus, which has been in use for two decades. Its approval for data classified as VS-NfD was originally due to expire at the end of 2021, but the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has now extended the deadline for the last time by six months.

According to the BSI’s replacement guide, there are only two products approved as Chiasmus successors in the VS-NfD environment – GreenShield is one of them. GreenShield supports S/MIME and PGP, both common standards for email encryption and signing. Both formats can also be used for files. When implementing this feature, the cryptovision developers placed great emphasis on user-friendliness. With success: Encryption or decryption requires – if at all – only a few mouse clicks, whereby the user does not have to deal with the two different standards and does not even have to know that they exist at all. If you want to know more about GreenShield’s sophisticated S/MIME-PGP integration, you can listen to the first of two cryptovision presentations at the BSI Congress on February 1 at 13:40. The speaker for this presentation, entitled “Processing PGP and S/MIME together”, is Dr. Matthias Edelhoff. Participation in the congress is free of charge.

Meanwhile, the introduction of GreenShield with automatic certificate management has started at a federal authority. This project is the topic of the second cryptovision presentation at the BSI Congress, which will also be held on February 1, at 14:05 – directly following the first one. The speaker is Martin Peeckhaus. Title of the presentation: “Email Security in an Environment with and without VS Requirements – A Case Study”.

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