Dealing with VS-NfD classified information is much easier if you can send it by e-mail. However, this is only permitted with a VS-NfD-approved encryption solution. GreenShield by cryptovision is one of the few products that meet this requirement. GreenShield not only convinces with its high user-friendliness, but also with its central management and the support of different BSI-approved smartcard types.

GreenShield is available in the variants GreenShield Mail (e-mail encryption) and GreenShield File (file encryption). GreenShield Mail is implemented as a convenient add-in for the user’s e-mail client. GreenShield File and GreenShield Mail for Outlook received approval for processing and transmitting VS-NfD (EU and NATO restricted) classified information as early as December 2018. Now the approval has been extended by the BSI to include GreenShield Mail for IBM Notes.

This makes GreenShield Mail the only VS-NfD approved email encryption solution for IBM Notes on the German market. The solution’s multi-client capability is also unique: it supports both Outlook and Notes on the same device. Thus GreenShield Mail enables a smooth migration from Notes to Outlook.

Germany’s largest Notes installation is operated by a Federal Ministry, which has been using the predecessor product (cv act s/mail – for VS-NfD) from cryptovision for 15 years. cryptovision is now pleased to be able to serve this customer with GreenShield Mail for Notes.

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