For more than a year cryptovision has been a part of the Atos family. For all those who want to know how the company has developed during this time, a special issue of the ID Security magazine “The Vault” has now been published. All articles in this magazine were written by Atos employees with cryptovision past. The special issue is available for download free of charge.

An interview with Benjamin Drisch, Senior Vice President Government ID, is not called “From hidden champion to global player” for nothing. In fact, cryptovision has developed from a small specialist into a leading international provider in the Government ID segment under the Atos umbrella. The previous Government-ID service portfolio has been expanded to include PKI solutions, a smart card operating system and hardware security modules (HSMs), while the opportunities for project implementation have increased significantly thanks to numerous new colleagues. And, of course, the globally active Atos sales force ensures that cryptovision now has much better access to its customers.

However, the cryptovision special edition of “The Vault” not only reports on cryptovision itself, but also on some exciting developments in the field of digital identities. Among other things, it is about Non-Fungible Tokens, how they are stolen and how this can be prevented – True Crime once again. Fido tokens and smartcard middleware also come up. Also worth reading is an interview with Holger Roessner, CEO of cryptovision partner Advanide.

Finally, there is something to smile about. Adam Ross, an expert in beer and digital identities, reports on an interesting point of contact between his two areas of expertise. Cryptovision says “Cheers” and hopes you enjoy reading!

Link to the PDF version of the magazine: