In NATO jargon, information security is referred to as “Information Assurance” (IA), and it is not surprising that the military alliance places great emphasis on this topic. Members of the organization are only allowed to use IA solutions that are specifically approved for NATO. Which products have cleared the high approval hurdles can be found in the “NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue” (NIAPC), which is available online. Since last week, NATO has also listed GreenShield from cryptovision there.

GreenShield is one of the few encryption solutions approved in Germany for information classified “Verschlusssache – Nur für den Dienstgebrauch” (VS-NfD). This applies to both email encryption with GreenShield Mail and file encryption with GreenShield File. Both versions also have the “NATO RESTRICTED” (NR) approval.

By receiving NR approval, GreenShield also qualified for the NATO product catalog. GreenShield Mail and GreenShield File are listed with two separate entries, including screenshots and brochures.

cryptovision is well known in the exclusive NATO catalog. The predecessor product s/mail has been there for years, it also has the necessary NR approval.

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