Identity & Access Management

Simple administration of multiple identities

Many companies have Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAMs make it possible to manage different identities within a system. This can be a network, a company or an entire country.

cryptovision can enrich IAM systems with a public key infrastructure (PKI). The advantage: existing structures and data can be taken over. For example, users do not have to be newly created – if a new identity is generated in the IAM system, a new digital certificate is automatically created for the user. This saves time and money.

With our CAmelot solution, public authorities and companies can set up a very flexible PKI according to their own requirements in order to manage digital certificates. CAmelot is a software for the operation of a Certificate Authority (CA), the core component of a PKI. It supports everything from a mini PKI to complex CA hierarchies in any scenario. Subsequent changes are easily possible. Customers can develop additional modules beyond the standard.

CAmelot is platform-independent and is based on a completely modular architecture that enables different security levels. It can be easily integrated into existing IT environments and provisioning processes. CAmelot offers a flexible role concept, strong administrator authentication, a powerful log function, auto enrolment and numerous other innovative features.

Our PKIntegrated solution automates certificate processes. PKIntegrated is integrated into the identity management system of NetIQ/Micro Focus. With the appropriate configuration, certificates can be generated, renewed or revoked without administrator intervention. PKIntegrated does not require its own user database and user interface. Directory service, user administration, registration, back-up and workflow functions do not need to be recreated. This makes PKIntegrated an extremely lean and cost-effective solution.

The architecture enables maximum interoperability between identity management and certificate management. PKIntegrated supports a wide range of advanced features such as auto enrolment, multi-tenancy, card management, certificate management via LDAP and key roaming.

Numerous tools from cryptovision around the PKI simplify the administration, issuing and delivery of certificates.

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