Different document types

Software solutions for all electronic identity documents

Standardized e-ID documents

​Electronic passports, driving licenses, visas or residence permits – all these are standardized e-ID documents. We offer solutions that implement the latest mechanisms and international standards. We can implement standard documents “out of the box” with very little consulting effort.

Multi-application e-ID cards

Multi-application e-ID cards go beyond individual standards. They are equipped with additional functions, such as a digital signature or the biometric identification of the holder. In some cases, even payment applications are integrated to facilitate financial inclusion via governmental programs in issuing countries – like for instance in our reference project in Nigeria. Ticketing, electronic voting and digital signature applications can also be implemented easily on the same card.

Customized e-ID documents

Customized e-ID documents are individual and customer-tailored projects. This can be a card with only one application or multi-application cards. In most cases, local requirements need to be carefully taken into account – for example, an application that provides first-aiders and doctors with medical emergency data of the document holder. Or, an application enabling a seamless registration of all prepaid SIM card issued to by an e-ID document holder.

For us, tailor-made also means that customers are enabled to take ownership of their technology project themselves and to build up solution know-how locally for developing the solution further and maintaining it.

Our product highlight

With our ePasslet Suite, almost any electronic ID document can be easily implemented. This modular card application framework is the ideal solution for authorities that issue complex e-ID document portfolios  and expect simplicity and flexibility at the same time.

Thanks to ePasslet Suite, any set of functions may be implemented on a single e-ID document, such as identity verification, digital signature, fingerprint verification or payment. ePasslet Suite incorporates Java Card applets for over a dozen applications. Further applications can be developed – either by us or by a customer. This makes the e-ID document future-proof: upcoming requirements can also be easily accounted for, even after documents have been issued.

Through the interaction between the individual applications, application-internal functions can be aggregated and redundant data storage can be thus avoided – this saves the often scarce memory space on e-ID documents. The worldwide unique architecture of ePasslet Suite enables these extensive combination possibilities.

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