Personalize e-ID documents yourself

To put it out there straight away: cryptovision is not a personalization service provider. However, we know how an e-ID document has to be “addressed” in order to be able to correctly personalize it electronically.

We have developed ePasslet Sampler so that our customers can independently and very easily turn an empty card into a functioning identity document.

Sampler can be used to create fully functional prototypes of electronic documents. For example, to produce samples for a tender. Or to create your own map profile and test it in the real world. Without much effort and investment, a wide variety of variants can be tried out. Some standard and best practice profiles are already included – they can either be used or adapted according to individual ideas. Sampler codes the data according to ICAO and other standards. The profiles are XML-based, so no programming knowledge is required.

If the personalization designed with Sampler is to be integrated into a productive environment, our Ygraine software is suitable. Real documents can be created with this tool. Ygraine uses the same XML profile description as Sampler and thus the development process can be continued without investment losses and transferred into the production process.

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