PKI – Public key infrastructure

Infrastructure for secure data exchange

Those who issue digital certificates must also be able to manage them. This is done with a Public key infrastructure (PKI). It provides services for the secure exchange of data between communication partners.

Each PKI is a unique and individual infrastructure. The differences between PKIs can be significant, depending on applications, size, security requirements and other requirements.

An enterprise PKI, for example, is very different from a PKI for electronic ID cards. As a result, government agencies and businesses often have multiple PKIs and have developed a proliferation of small PKI temporaries.

Part of the cryptovision solution is the workflow system Shalott. It can map all defined processes for certificate creation, i.e. the certificate policy. This significantly simplifies the administration of certificates along the once defined process.

With the help of the cryptovision PKI client Pendragon, users can issue new certificates, renew expired certificates or revoke certificates in the simplest way without special IT knowledge. The system automatically asks for expired certificates in a very user-friendly manner and guides the user through the necessary process with yes/no questions. The client can not only communicate with our Meta-PKI, but also make certificate requests to special third party manufacturers.

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