Digital certificates

Digital certificates: verify identities and secure applications

Well over half of German Internet users (60 percent) have never heard of digital certificates. This was the result of a representative survey conducted by Bundesdruckerei in 2017. Almost every online user uses them on a daily basis. Digital certificates secure applications such as online banking, social networks and e-government. They are indispensable for the security of Internet transactions.

In the online world, a digital certificate works just like an identity card in the analogue world. Put simply: with a certificate, any person or device on the Internet can prove their true identity. They protect the cryptographic keys of individuals or organizations from forgery and manipulation.

cryptovision offers two different types of certificates:

  • X.509 certificates are widely used standard certificates for companies and authorities. For example, they are required for e-mail encryption and e-mail signature.
  • CV certificates are special solutions that are almost always used in the sovereign sector.

With our solution CAmelot you can build a very flexible PKI according to your own requirements to manage digital certificates. CAmelot is a software for the operation of a CA, the core component of a PKI. It supports any scenario from a mini PKI to complex CA hierarchies. Subsequent changes are easily possible. Customers can develop further modules beyond the standard modules. CAmelot is platform-independent and is based on a completely modular architecture that enables different security levels. It can be easily integrated into existing IT environments and provisioning processes.

CAmelot offers a flexible role concept, strong administrator authentication, a powerful log function, auto enrolment and numerous other innovative features.

The PKI solution from cryptovision can manage both certificate types. Advantage for the sovereign sector: States can also integrate certificates into their identity cards, with which citizens can use e.g. e-government applications.

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