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sc/interface is one of the most powerful smart card middleware products on the worldwide market. It is ideal for uncompromising customers who demand security without compromising flexibility. It supports numerous tokens, platforms and applications.



SCalibur is a powerful distributed smart card middleware for web applications (governmental, and commercial). With its platform independence, a modular architecture, and advanced cryptographic algorithm use, SCalibur is the most versatile and mature product of its kind on the market.



With CAmelot you can create a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that is tailor-made for your individual requirements. Existing CAmelot PKIs are easy to alter and extend. As one of the most flexible PKI solutions in the world CAmelot supports both enterprise (X.509) and government PKIs (card verifiable certificates)



PKIntegrated enhances identity management systems enabling seamless key, certificate, and token lifecycle management. This improves corporate security and enables new business processes which increase productivity.

ePasslet Suite


ePasslet Suite is a Java Card applet suite providing a complete set of common applications for electronic identity cards, electronic travel documents, electronic driving licenses, and other similar documents. It supports many international standards.


eBanklet is an innovative Java based card solution providing a complete set of EMV payment applications. With eBanklet you can realise a credit or payment card in a simple and highly flexible way.



s/mail provides encryption and digital signatures for e-mails on the highest security level currently available on the market. NATO, German Armed forces and several other countries use s/mail together with Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes to assure strict confidentiality.

Cryptographic Development Kits

cryptovision’s Cryptographic Development Kits are a software library providing cryptographic functions for embedded systems, smart cards, PCs, and servers. It supports a wide range of cutting edge crypto algorithms and crypto protocols on all major platforms.