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US Technology Portal Publishes Article about cryptovision’s RSA Talk

Drug traffickers, child pornographers, rapists, and even murderers use encryption. cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh gave a thrilling and entertaining presentation about this topic at this year’s RSA Conference in San Francisco. Besides mentioning some historical cases (illustrated with Lego brick models) he pointed out that backdoors in crypto products, while being helpful in some cases, are by far no silver bullet for investigators. Now, the US technology portal TechBeacon has published …Read More

RSA Conference 2016: Watch this Terrific Six Minute Video

The RSA Conference in San Francisco is the most important cryptography event in the world. The 2016 issue attracted over 30,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors. Like every year, cryptovision was featured with a booth in the German IT Pavilion. Many attendants showed interest in the cryptovision products CAmelot, sc/interface, and SCalibur. A six minute video made by cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh gives a phantastic impression on this great show. Related products: …Read More

cryptovision Presentations at RSA Conference: Even The FBI Attended

cryptovision’s Adam Ross and Klaus Schmeh both spoke at the renowned RSA Conference 2016 in San Francisco! Like every year, the number of  submissions had exceeded the number of speaking slots many times over. It is therefore a great honor for cryptovision to have been chosen to send even two speakers to the world’s most important crypto event. A video of Klaus’ presentation is available here: The list of criminal …Read More

Do Backdoors Actually Help Law Enforcement Catch Bad Guys?

While Apple faces down the FBI in court and law enforcement calls for backdoors to encryption services, a researcher at the RSA Conference here asked an important question: Would backdoors actually help? Crypto expert Klaus Schmeh, currently a consultant at Cryptovision used his knowledge of cryptography and some lengthy Googling to see if backdoors could have made a difference in criminals cases. His answer: probably not. Read article: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2500327,00.asp Related …Read More

Apple vs FBI shines spotlight on RSA Conference

As our online and offline lives merge, cybersecurity has crept into mainstream consciousness as both a business and personal concern. The World Economic Forum predicts that crimes in cyberspace will cost the global economy $445 billion this year. At the same time, the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to cross 2.1 billion, making the Apple vs. the FBI battle around the issues of encryption and privacy relevant to …Read More

Help us by voting for sessions from Adam Ross and Klaus Schmeh to be added to the 2016 RSA Conference agenda!

Once again this year one of the world’s most important IT security events, the RSA Conference, will be featuring a number of crowdsourced sessions. These selections are determined by popular vote and cryptovision’s Adam Ross and Klaus Schmeh were selected as finalists for RSAC Crowdsourced Sessions. Everyone can take part and voting is free and easy. Pick your favorites by clicking on the Thumbs Up button. You can vote for …Read More