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New Paper on Encryption Workarounds

The widespread use of encryption has triggered a new step in many criminal investigations: the encryption workaround. We define an encryption workaround as any lawful government effort to reveal an unencrypted version of a target’s data that has been concealed by encryption. This essay provides an overview of encryption workarounds. It begins with a taxonomy of the different ways investigators might try to bypass encryption schemes. We classify six kinds …Read More

Bruce Schneier takes cryptovision’s s/mail on his List

There are at least 865 hardware or software products incorporating encryption from 55 different countries. The most common non-US country for encryption products is Germany, with 112 products. These are two of the results of a research project led by renowned crypto-expert Bruce Schneier. Schneier and his co-authors have assembled a list of encryption products that are available on the worldwide market. Schneier argues in his research paper that the …Read More