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Publications et articles de ou sur nous dans la presse spécialisée


Signal + Draht, 5/24

„Quantenresistente Übertragung und lange Einsatzdauer – kein Widerspruch dank Kryptoagilität​“


The VAULT, cryptovision Special

„All articles in this magazine were written by Atos employees with cryptovision past.“

The VAULT, Apr 22

„Enhancing eID Documents with FIDO Authentication“


The VAULT, Dec 21

„Self-Sovereign Identity and eID Documents: Two worlds colliding?“

The VAULT, Sep 21

„Crypto agility for eID cards: Why the Migration to post-quantum algorithms is challenging“

The VAULT, Jun 21

„Post-Quantum Cryptography isn’t Rocket Science – or is it?“

cryptovision, Apr 21
Whitepaper: Post-Quantum Cryptography                                    (currently only available in German)


The VAULT, Oct 20

„BLOCKCHAIN Blues – the END of eID cards?

The VAULT, Aug 20

„Full speed ahead with eID solutions“


The VAULT, Nov 19

« A new German security architecture for next generation ID and IoT requirements »

The VAULT, Jun 19

« Why eID cards and Digital Signatures need each other »