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ePasslet Suite

Icon-ePassletePasslet Suite is a Java Card applet suite providing a complete set of common applications for electronic identity cards, electronic travel documents, electronic driving licenses, and other similar documents. It supports many international standards.

In a nutshell

Identity cards, passports, driving licenses and other identity documents can be equipped with a small computer chip. The result is referred to as electronic identity document (eID). The embedded chip enhances security and can be used for many interesting applications, for instance computer login, automated age verification, and proof of identity on the internet.

Electronic identity documents have become very popular in recent years with dozens of countries already issuing machine readable electronic passports. Several countries are also issuing electronic identity cards in addition. With many countries planning eID projects, electronic identity documents are currently considered one of the hottest emerging technologies.

In order to realize eID applications it is necessary to implement them on the identity card chip. ePasslet Suite, a product developed by cryptovision, is aptly suited for this purpose. The suite consists of a collection of Java Card applets, with each implementing some dedicated eID functionality, making work with these chip secured documents both simple and secure.

ePasslet Suite comes either as a ROM masked solution or preloaded into Flash memory of a Java Card enabled smart card. It provides applets for various eID document applications including ICAO MRTD, ISO 18013 electronic Driving License, PKI application for certificate-based authentication and digital ­signatures, electronic Health cards, custom national eID cards and more. The solution allows for activation of applets post-issuance; furthermore new applets can be developed leveraging an internal core library API providing a comprehensive set of functional building blocks reducing memory footprint and time-to-market.

ePasslet Suite is the ideal solution for authorities intending to enhance eID documents with additional functionality.

Frequently asked questions

What Is An Electronic Identity Document (eID)?

An electronic identity document (eID) is a passport, identity card, driver’s license or similar document equipped with a smartcard chip. This smart card chip may be conventional or contactless. Electronic identity documents can be used for many applications, including: proof of identity on the internet, automated age verification, digital signatures, encryption, physical and logical access, digital payment, and even storing health insurance information.

Electronic identity documents have become the de facto standard. Since 2004, the majority of countries issue Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) as specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Many states such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and UAE have introduced electronic identity documents.

Electronic identity documents are considered an important future technology with dozens more countries planning to introduce electronic identity cards in the near future. Several countries have started planning or are implementing electronic healthcard projects. Driving licenses, student IDs, and many other identity documents may also become electronic in coming years.

Who uses ePasslet Suite?

ePasslet Suite is used (among others) by the following customers:

  • Bundesdruckerei: The national German security printing house licensed ePasslet Suite to enhance their electronic identity card (eID) portfolio.
  • South American country: A country with more than 10 million citizens in South America is now using ePasslet Suite for both, the electronic Passport and the national electronic ID document.
  • ePasslet Suite has furthermore been deployed for ePassports, eID cards, eHealth cards, eVoting cards, driving licenses, and many more applications in more than 25 international projects around the world.

The Technical Part

Supported Systems

ePasslet Suite is portable to any Global Platform compliant Java Card. A performance-optimized version is available as ROM masked solution on NXP JCOP with 40/80 Kbyte of EEPROM. The ROM mask approach frees nearly the entire EEPROM memory for user data.

Product Brief

Technical Data Sheet (Edition 1)

Technical Data Sheet (Edition 2)

Technical Data Sheet (Edition 3)

  • ePasslet Suite is available in three editions:

    Edition 1

    • ICAO MRTD with Basic Access Control (BAC) and Password Authenticated Connection Establishment (PACE)
    • ISO 7816 File System
    • ISO Driving License with Basic Access Protection (BAP) and PACE

    Additionally in Edition 2

    • ICAO MRTD with EACv1 (including BAC and PACE)
    • ISO Driving License with EACv1 or EAP (including BAP / PACE)
    • ePKI / Secure Signature Creation Device
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Health Insurance
    • Fingerprint Match-on-Card (based on 3rd party matching package)

    Additionally in Edition 3

    • German eID card with EACv2, Restricted Identification and Auxiliary Functions
    • EU Residence Permit
    • European Citizen Card (Identification, Authentication, Signature)
    • eIDAS token functionality (platform dependent)
    • Custom eID application
  • ePasslet Suite
    ePasslet Suite is a solution for realizing applications on electronic documents in a convenient and cost-effective manner. ePasslet
    Suite supports both contactless and conventional smart cards with this flexibility making both practical and functional for many diverse purposes, such as: national identity cards, drivers licenses, security access badges, travel documents or health cards.

    Java Card Based
    ePasslet Suite is based on the Java Card standard and consists of a collection of Java Card applets fused into the ROM mask of a Java Card enabled smart card for specific functionality. Since the applets are modular, functions can be easily mixed and matched to the demands of a specific application.

    ePasslet Suite can be used to completely implement a Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD) as specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization. ePasslet Suite includes applets for both the MRTD protocol standards, Basic Access Control (BAC) and Extended Access Control (EAC).

    National Identity Cards
    ePasslet Suite features applets for the basic functionality of European Citizen Card (EuCC) standard as well as additional applets for alternative national EuCC profiles, for example France. Of course, it is also possible to implement a national identity card, which is not EuCC compliant, by leveraging the included National ID Standard applet.

    Other Applications
    Electronic health cards and electronic driving licenses are already being used in some countries. ePasslet Suite includes both International Driving License (IDL) and a European Health Insurance Card (eHIC) applets to streamline this process.
    Multiple applets can be loaded onto the same card with shared resources. If additional features are desired, new applets can be created with it even possible to load new applets onto previously issued cards.

    CC EAL 4+ Certification
    The most critical components of ePasslet Suite are in the process of being CC EAL 4+ certified. Further certification is taking place as new applets are introduced to meet evolving demands and changing criteria.

    • Highest certification of a Java Card mask
    • Allows for post-issuance applet activation from ROM with minimal EEPROM footprint
  • Comparison-ePasslet

Success Story

With 160 million citizens, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country. As part of an ambitious Presidential initiative, adult Nigerians and resident legal aliens are issued advanced multipurpose electronic identity cards. cryptovision plays a critical role in this mammoth project as the majority of the applications on this eID card are based on ePasslet Suite. These include an ICAO compliant travel application, a national eID application, and  a digital signature application, which include support for biometric Fingerprint Match-on-Card functionality provided by a cryptovision technology partner. The number of applications will grow in the future stages of the project thanks to the unique architecture of ePasslet Suite which enables infield update and provide additional features.

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