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Yahoo: One Billion More Accounts Hacked

Just months after disclosing a breach that compromised the passwords for a half billion of its users, Yahoo now says a separate incident has jeopardized data from at least a billion more user accounts. The company also warned attackers have figured out a way to log into targeted Yahoo accounts without even supplying the victim’s password. On September 22, Yahoo warned that a security breach of its networks affected more …Read More

Yahoo helped US spies scan all its emails in real time for a single phrase

Yahoo built an unprecedented surveillance system in response to a government request last year, according to a bombshell report published today by Reuters’ Joseph Menn, which cites three persons familiar with the matter. The request asked for all arriving emails to be scanned for a specific string of characters, either in the body of an email or an attachment. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer chose to comply with the request. Crucially, …Read More