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cryptovision has concluded partnership with Versasec

cryptovision has formed a new partnership with Versasec, one of the world’s leading supplier of smart card management systems. With Versasec customizing its vSEC:CMS to support cryptovision’s sc/interface PKCS#11 module, Versasec now considerably extends their list of supported smart cards and tokens. “One of our goals has been ensuring that customers all over the world can manage their different security and identity management credentials through one system, vSEC:CMS,” says Joakim …Read More

Swedish CMS Producer Versasec has Successfully Tested sc/interface

When using smart cards in a large scale, two kinds of software are necessary: first, a smart card middleware that connects each smart card with the respective application; second, a card management system (CMS) that keeps track of the smart cards in use. When it comes to smart card middleware, cryptovision’s sc/interface is the solution of choice. When a CMS is needed, vSEC:CMS provided by the Swedish Identity and Access …Read More