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cryptovision CEO Markus Hoffmeister publishes article in The Vault

Shortly before the end of the year, cryptovision once again sets a medial exclamation mark. In the latest issue of the magazine The Vault, published by industry association Silicon Trust, cryptovision’s CEO Markus Hoffmeister (together with co-author Klaus Schmeh) presents his assessment of the currently most discussed topic in the identity industry: the blockchain. In his article BLOCKCHAIN Blues – the END of eID cards? Hoffmeister shows that the blockchain …Read More

cryptovision publishes article about alternative eID financing models in “The Vault”

Is it acceptable that an authority issuing electronic identity cards have these used by third parties and charge for this? Klaus Schmeh, Chief Marketing Editor at cryptovision and author of numerous books and articles, has published an article in The Vault magazine about this topic. There are many possibilities for such refinancing. For example, an identity card issuer may include a credit card function in the card and have this …Read More