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Iowa Is Building the Nation’s First Smartphone Driver’s License

Iowa is looking to create the nation’s first smartphone driver’s license with an app that can co-exist with the traditional plastic card. The director of the state’s Department of Transportation gave Gov. Terry Branstad an update on the project Monday. Andrea Henry, a spokeswoman for the DOT, said the app is in currently development for iOS and Android phones and is expected to be free. Despite news reports about a …Read More

Why police hate the new Apple and Google smartphones

The police are upset about Apple and Google’s latest smartphone advances. The problem is the encryption in both the iOS 8 and Android Lollipop operating systems. It is turned on by default, and there is no master key that Apple or Google can give to investigators, even if they have a warrant. “Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data,” Apple brags on its …Read More