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Putting everything on one card

Without this piece of plastic, little is possible in everyday life. Chip cards penetrate our lives like hardly any other technical innovation. And who invented it? Two Germans, in 1968. They foresaw that people would soon have to present a forgery-proof machine-readable document instead of a paper identity card. They therefore devised an electronically readable data memory that could be built into a plastic card. “The two called their invention …Read More

Smart Card Market in Europe 2015-2019

A smart card is a pocket-sized card, generally made of plastic, and is embedded with integrated circuits, also known as microchips. Smart cards are used for security purposes for authentication, identification, data storage, and application processing. They are widely used in sectors such as BFSI, Government, Transportation, Healthcare, and Defense. These cards are broadly classified into two types: contact-based and contactless. Contact-based smart cards have a contact area of approximately …Read More

15m Ghanaians to be registered under new Ghana card initiative

A total of 15 million Ghanaians would be registered and issued with a smart card by November 2015, according to the National Identification Authority (NIA). The multi functional Smart Identity card, the NIA noted, would come with a 120k memory size which would be segmented and issued to various institutions to run their application. Read article: http://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/regional/artikel.php?ID=329552