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Post-Quantum Crypto: Don’t Do Anything

There’s good news for anyone worried about the rise of quantum computers and the risk that they could be used to crack modern, public-key crypto systems, thus imperiling the security of much of today’s data, both in transit and at rest. Leading cryptographers advise: Don’t panic, and above all, don’t do anything about it right now. “Do nothing, just wait for the NIST process,” said Dan Boneh, a professor at …Read More

Post-Quantum Crypto Standardization: Call for Proposals Published

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has initiated a process to solicit, evaluate, and standardize one or more quantum-resistant public-key cryptographic algorithms. Currently, public-key cryptographic algorithms are specified in FIPS 186–4, Digital Signature Standard, as well as special publications SP 800-56A Revision 2, Recommendation for Pair-Wise Key Establishment Schemes Using Discrete Logarithm Cryptography and SP 800-56B Revision 1, Recommendation for Pair-Wises Key-Establishment Schemes Using Integer Factorization Cryptography. However, …Read More

NIST Starts Planning for Post-Quantum Cryptography

Last year, the NSA announced its plans for transitioning to cryptography that is resistant to a quantum computer. Now, it’s NIST’s turn. Its just-released report talks about the importance of algorithm agility and quantum resistance. Sometime soon, it’s going to have a competition for quantum-resistant public-key algorithms. Creating those newer, safer algorithms is the longer-term goal, Moody says. Read article: https://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2016/05/nist_starts_pla.html Related product: s/mail, CAmelot