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cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh publishes article in “Datenschutz und Datensicherheit”

cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh has published an article about eIDAS in the German IT security magazine Datenschutz und Datensicherheit. eIDAS, the new generation of digital signature legislation in the European Union, introduces a number of new provisions that are expected to make digital signatures more attractive. In his article Klaus explains this innovations in detail including a view on the implications of the new legal framework on the practical use of …Read More

German Companies Develop Prototype eIDAS Implementation

cryptovision, HJP Consulting, and Governikus have implemented one of the first prototypes for an electronic ID card based on the eIDAS token specification. HJP provided a simulation environment for simulating the eIDAS functions based on BSI TR-03110. Governikus delivered an open source version of an eID server and a corresponding eID client that are used for the verification of the interoperability of the electronic identities within the eIDAS regulation. cryptovision …Read More