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How a 2011 Hack You’ve Never Heard of Changed the Internet’s Infrastructure

On Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011, an Iranian man who went by the online alias alibo tried to check his email—only to find he couldn’t connect to Gmail. Yet the problem disappeared when he connected to a virtual private network that disguised his location. Whatever was going on, it seemed to only affect computer users in Iran. His first hunch was that the problem might be somehow tied to the Iranian …Read More

Hackers are fighting a secret “crypto war” against the NSA

There is an escalating technological arms race underway between governments and hacktivists. As governments step up their surveillance, the hacktivists find new ways to subvert it. This cat and mouse game has been described as a crypto war and it’s been going on for decades. Top secret documents released by Edward Snowden confirmed the extent of global internet surveillance by government agencies. For example, the United States National Security Agency …Read More

The 2015 Top Ten Global Hacks

If you’re an analyst who predicted that cyber attacks would go through the roof this year, 2015 has not been a disappointment. True to industry predictions, more security breaches through hacking have hit the headlines than ever before. Whether the target is a massive corporation or a small business, no organization is too big or too small to escape hackers’ scrutiny. Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, …Read More