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Teenager Finds Apple Mac Hack That Steals Passwords With Evil Apps

Yet another teenager has uncovered a serious weakness in Apple technology. Just last week it emerged a 14-year-old uncovered a bug allowing snooping on iPhone and Mac users thanks to a problem in FaceTime. Now, German 18-year-old Linus Henze has uncovered a vulnerablity affecting the latest Apple macOS that leaves stored passwords open to malicious apps. That could include logins for your bank website, Amazon, Netflix, Slack and many more …Read More

Jail for man who hacked 1000 student email accounts in search for sexually explicit images

A 30-year-old man has sentenced to six months in prison, after he was found guilty of accessing more than 1,000 email accounts at a New York City-area university in a hunt for sexually explicit photographs and videos of college-aged women. Jonathan Powell, of Phoenix, Arizona, breached the unnamed university’s servers to gain access to a email password reset utility used by IT staff when students forgot their login credentials. Once …Read More