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FBI: we don’t want a backdoor; we just want you to break encryption

“We’re not looking for a ‘back door’” that breaks encryption, the FBI said on Wednesday. Don’t even know what that is, really, said director Christopher Wray: He thinks it’s some type of “secret, insecure means of access” – is that right? No, that’s not what the FBI is after, he said during a speech (here are his prepared remarks) at the Boston College/FBI Boston Conference on Cyber Security. Rather, what …Read More

Influencers: Stronger encryption on consumer devices won’t hurt national security

The vast majority of Passcode Influencers oppose weakening encryption so that law enforcement could have easier access to personal data. In fact, many say that stronger privacy protections will ultimately improve national security. Three-quarters of Passcode’s Influencers disagree with FBI Director James Comey, insisting stronger encryption on consumer devices would not hinder law enforcement and intelligence agencies so much that it would harm national security. Read article: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Passcode/Passcode-Influencers/2015/0311/Influencers-Stronger-encryption-on-consumer-devices-won-t-hurt-national-security-video Related product: …Read More

FBI: Businesses Lost $215M to Email Scams

It’s time once again to update my Value of a Hacked Email Account graphic: According to a recent alert from the FBI, cyber thieves stole nearly $215 million from businesses in the last 14 months using a scam that starts when business executives or employees have their email accounts hijacked. Federal investigators say the so-called “business email compromise” (BEC) swindle is a sophisticated and increasingly common scam targeting businesses working with foreign suppliers and/or businesses …Read More

David Cameron Will Ban Encrypted Chat Apps If He Can’t Read Yours

Governments have been wanting access to your encrypted chats for a while now. The FBI, Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder have all made attempts to bypass Apple’s encryption policy, which automatically encrypts every message sent via Apple software, as well as protects users from having the police request a copy of your texts. Now the UK’s Prime Minister may be joining them in disliking Apple’s policy. Read article: …Read More

Crypto Wars II

FBI Director James Comey again called for an end to secure encryption by putting in a backdoor. Here’s his speech: There is a misconception that building a lawful intercept solution into a system requires a so-called “back door,” one that foreign adversaries and hackers may try to exploit. But that isn’t true. We aren’t seeking a back-door approach. We want to use the front door, with clarity and transparency, and …Read More