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Must-read article about historical codebreaking by Klaus Schmeh

Klaus Schmeh, longtime employee of cryptovision, once again has published an article in the computer magazine, iX. The topic is as unusual as it is exciting: solving encrypted messages from the last 500 years with modern algorithms. This article features the legendary encryption machine Enigma, as well as the famous Voynich manuscript, and the encrypted letters of the Zodiac Killer. Klaus has been a freelanced writer for iX, Germany’s most …Read More

cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh Spoke at Enigma Conference

The breaking of the Enigma in World War II and in the years before is one of the most fascinating chapters in crypto history. It all began when in 1929 the three mathematics students Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski, and Jerzy Różycki from the University of Poznań, Poland, were hired as codebreakers. Later, they managed to break the Enigma. Today, Rejewski, Zygalski, and Różycki are national heroes in Poland. Especially in Poznań, …Read More