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Encryption Required by Law: cryptovision Consultants Give Overview in German Computer Magazine

Now that numerous appeals have failed to bear fruit, laws are to enforce that sensitive data is finally encrypted. Klaus Schmeh and Udo Wichert from cryptovision have taken up this topic and have written an article about it for the German computer magazine iX. This article has now been published under the title “Mit der Keule” (“With the Cudgel”) in iX issue 2/2019. If you want to know what consequences …Read More

Influencers: Stronger encryption on consumer devices won’t hurt national security

The vast majority of Passcode Influencers oppose weakening encryption so that law enforcement could have easier access to personal data. In fact, many say that stronger privacy protections will ultimately improve national security. Three-quarters of Passcode’s Influencers disagree with FBI Director James Comey, insisting stronger encryption on consumer devices would not hinder law enforcement and intelligence agencies so much that it would harm national security. Read article: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Passcode/Passcode-Influencers/2015/0311/Influencers-Stronger-encryption-on-consumer-devices-won-t-hurt-national-security-video Related product: …Read More