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Harvard vs Cameron: Professors defend encryption

The proposals by David Cameron, the UK prime minister, to criminalise forms of encryption that would block intelligence services from reading messages from terrorist suspects have been criticised in Davos by a group of Harvard professors. They argued that end-to-end encryption, under which messages cannot be unscrambled, even by the company that operates the network across which they pass, was vital if people were to stop governments and companies scanning …Read More

David Cameron Will Ban Encrypted Chat Apps If He Can’t Read Yours

Governments have been wanting access to your encrypted chats for a while now. The FBI, Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder have all made attempts to bypass Apple’s encryption policy, which automatically encrypts every message sent via Apple software, as well as protects users from having the police request a copy of your texts. Now the UK’s Prime Minister may be joining them in disliking Apple’s policy. Read article: …Read More