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How China’s Elite Hackers Stole the World’s Most Valuable Secrets

Imagine you’re a burglar. You’ve decided to tackle a high-end luxury apartment, the kind of building with multiple Picassos in the penthouse. You could spend weeks or months casing the place, studying every resident’s schedule, analyzing the locks on all the doors. You could dig through trash for hints about which units have alarms, run through every permutation of what the codes might be. Or you could also just steal …Read More

Digital identity card in development stage: interior minister

Deputy Interior Minister Chen Chwen-jing yesterday dispelled media reports by saying that the Ministry of the Interior’s (MOI) plan to launch digital identification cards is still at the developmental stage. Reports said that the MOI expects to see its digital identification cards in use in 2019, replacing the 18.8 million paper ID cards nationwide by integrating information from the citizen digital certificate, driver’s license and National Health Insurance Card into …Read More