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Password-Based Authentication ‘No Longer Capable of Meeting Modern Security Demands’

As many as 84% of people responding to a survey by mobile authentication platform provider LaunchKey would like to totally eliminate passwords in a world where a near majority have more than 10 passwords to manage. The survey taken in the US in August 2015 also found that demands on users are exacerbated by the fact that such systems require them to change passwords frequently. LaunchKey’s survey also highlighted disquiet about systems that require users …Read More

Dropbox now allowing for USB keys as part of two-factor authentication

Dropbox has announced this week that it has enabled USB (U2F) keys as part of their two-factor authentication security. The keys, which are actual physical pieces of hardware, can be placed on your keychain and can be used as the second piece of a two-factor login, rather than needing to receive a code via text, email or authentication app. Google made a similar announcement last year, allowing for Gmail login …Read More

Smartphone Secrets May Be Better Than a Password

Before you read this story, try to answer the following question: Who was the first person to text you today? Even if you can’t remember, you can keep reading. But a group of researchers think that kind of question could eventually work as a simpler log-in method for some websites and services. The kinds of things you do regularly on your smartphone or computer may be easy for you to …Read More