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FBI sued by news organizations for information on San Bernardino iPhone hack

Three news organizations are jointly suing the FBI for information on how the agency broke into the iPhone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook. The Associated Press, Vice Media, and USA Today parent company Gannett said in a lawsuit filed today that the FBI has no right to keep the technique it used to crack the phone hidden from the public. The suit, brought under the Freedom of Information Act, asks …Read More

FBI hacks into terrorist’s iPhone without Apple

Although the government officially withdrew from its battle against Apple Monday, many observers sense the tech privacy war is just getting started. “This lawsuit may be over, but the Constitutional and privacy questions it raised are not,” Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who had criticized the Justice Department’s suit against Apple, said in a statement Monday. The Justice Department withdrew its legal action against Apple after a method brought to the FBI earlier this month …Read More

Why can’t the FBI hack into San Bernardino killer’s iPhone?

We don’t wish to alarm you, but you’re probably carrying something which thieves would regard as very valuable indeed: a smartphone. Anyone who managed to crack into your gadget could steal bank details, blackmail you by threatening to expose graphic images or carry out all manner of dastardly deeds guaranteed to make you very unhappy indeed. Thank goodness, you might say, that massive tech firms are protecting us from hackers …Read More