As the days left in the calendar are growing scarce and the sunlight grows shorter, the end of the year is fast upon us once more. With the hectic pace of modern life, it is very easy for us to overlook the blessings that we may take for granted. Consider the nearly 1.1 billion people who are forced to live without any official way to recognize their identity.
Lack of ID data deprives them of fundamental human rights, distances them from access to basic services, and denies them of the fundamental protections of government. Recognizing the plight of refugees who are forced to flee from their homes means that collectively we need to embrace a culture of welcoming and compassion when confronted with their harsh reality and challenges of proving their identity.
At cryptovision, we are committed to sharing our wealth of experience and knowledge with various commercial and government ID initiatives worldwide, especially in developing countries and emerging markets. Establishing and verifying trust between people, institutions, and even devices will continue to grow in importance and we are grateful for the continued business success in delivering these solutions to our customers and partners.
On behalf of the whole cryptovision team, we wish you and your family a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year!