Schmeh, Klaus
Chief Editor Marketing, cryptovision

Klaus Schmeh has published 14 books, 200 articles, 1000 blog posts and 20 research papers about encryption technology, which makes him the most-published cryptology author in the world. His book “Elektronische Ausweisdokumente” was the first reference book on electronic identity documents published. At his main profession of Chief Editor Marketing at cryptovision, Klaus utilizes his special skill in explaining complex technical topics.

Klaus has hosted presentations at more than 200 conferences in Europe, Asia, and the USA – including RSA Conference (US edition), TrusTech (formerly known as Cartes & Identification), Connect:ID, 44CON, and NSA Cryptologic History Symposium. He has spoken at Security Document World in London four times. Klaus is known for his engaging presentation style, which features self-drawn cartoons, Lego models and other means usually not encountered at an IT conference.