Smeja, Marco
EVP Sales, cryptovision

Marco, born 1973, started his professional career with the network specialist Novell at the age of 24. His overall competence and language proficiency paired with stringency and reliability of his commitments, earned him a quick promotion from a mere system engineer to Head of Sales for the German consulting team of the US producers.

Looking out for new challenges, Marco came to join cryptovision in 2000. After successfully having held different technical and sales positions he is now in charge as cryptovision’s Executive Vice President Sales. In this position Marco has acquired worldwide reputable customers for cryptovision and therefore laid the ground for the continual international growth of our company. In 2003 he was granted full authority to sign.

In recent years Marco has focused on project acquisitions in the electronic identity business. His work has enabled cryptovision to win numerous eID customers in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America.