Shalott is a powerful workflow system that complements the CAmelot product, which ensures the operation of a certification auhority. Shalott enables the design and implementation of all relevant workflows within a PKI. The integration of any data sources (e.g. identity management system) is just as possible as a four-eyes principle and incompatibility provisions.

Shalott is based on the Java-based open source workflow engine “Flowable”. Flowable is a proven work-flow solution that can be used to implement virtually any workflow that occurs in practice. A convenient workflow designer makes it possible to define the respective workflows via a graphical BPMN editor via drag and drop and to develop user interfaces for them. cryptovision has supplemented Flowable with process models for workflows for certificate management, which can be adapted or changed as required. Shalott thus supports virtually any PKI management process imaginable.

Shalott complements CAmelot, a modern PKI solution with a fully modular design.

Key Features

  • Any workflows for PKI processes can be easily implemented
  • Based on proven workflow solution
  • Configurable four-eyes principle

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