Pendragon is a PKI client from cryptovision. Pendragon offers the maximum usability possible within a PKI. Pendragon perfectly complements a PKI whose certificates are created by the cryptovision product CAmelot, but can also be used with any other PKI.

Pendragon allows the user to handle different keys and certificates via the same user interface, even if they are stored in different memories (Smartcard, Windows Keystore, Java Key Store).

The functionality of Pendragon is based on the life cycle of a digital certificate. The first certificate uses Pendragon as a security anchor to generate further certificates (e.g. for encryption or identity verification on the Internet), whereby no user interaction other than confirmation is required. The replacement of a certificate shortly before the expiry date is similarly user-friendly – the user does not notice anything other than a confirmation by mouse click.

The advantages of Pendragon result from the interaction with CAmelot and the workflow engine Shalott. With the help of these solutions, an almost arbitrary process for the generation of certificates can be defined which, in addition to the user-friendly application for a certificate, provides for the confirmation of a certificate generation by an administrator, for example.

Key Features

  • User-friendly certificate generation
  • User-friendly certificate renewal
  • Holistic handling of all keys on one PC, even when different key stores are used


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