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Cryptographic Development Kits

cryptovision’s Cryptographic Development Kits are a software library providing cryptographic functions for embedded systems, smart cards, PCs, and servers. It supports a wide range of cutting edge crypto algorithms and crypto protocols on all major platforms.

In a nutshell

Cryptographic protection with encryption, authentication or digital signature is an essential part of many computer systems. In order to implement functions like these it is usually not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Instead, a cryptographic tool kit can be used.

While there are different cryptographic tool kits for different platforms in existence, hardly any one can match with cryptovision’s Cryptographic Development Kits (CDKs). The CDKs on the one hand offer virtually every cryptographic primitive relevant in practice. On the other hand they are available for all major platforms including PCs, servers, smart cards and embedded systems.

cryptovision’s CDKs provide the whole range of crypto functions out of one hand. In addition, the CDKs are not only a simple set of crypto implementations, but are also developed according to the principles of secure software engineering. Where necessary, they are performance-optimized and protected against side-channel attacks. cryptovision uses its unique crypto expertise to always keep the CDKs on the latest state of the art.

Implementing cryptographic functions is a multi-layer challenge. cryptovision’s CDKs make it easy.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use the Cryptographic Development Kits?

When it comes to cryptographic data protection the same crypto algorithms can usually be used for many different applications. For instance, the RSA key exchange and signature algorithm by used in web browsers, email clients, online payment solutions, and virtual private networks – just to name a few. Therefore, it does not make sense to implement the same routines from the scratch again and again. Instead a library can be used. As one of the most advanced and most complete crypto libraries on the worldwide market, cryptovision’s Cryptographic Development Kits (CDKs) are first choice for this purpose. They are ideal for implementing a wide range of crypto functions on virtually every platform.

Which crypto algorithms are supported by the CDKs?

The CDKs support all major asymmetric algorithms (RSA, Diffie-Hellman and more), including Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). Symmetric encryption algorithms are supported in a large number, as well (AES, DES, 3DES, Blowfish, CAST-128, Serpent, Twofish, and others). The algorithm portfolio is completed by numerous hash functions, MAC functions, random number generators, key derivation functions, padding routines, and more.

Who uses the CDKs?

The CDKs are used by a large number of hardware manufacturers, automotive companies, physical access system producers, software suppliers, and others. Notable customers are the German Federal Printing Agency (Bundesdruckerei) and automotive supplier Vector Informatik.




Supported systems

  • library/pc: Windows, Linux, OS X
  • library/es: ARM-7, ARM-9, AVR (Atmel), C16x/XC16x (Infineon), CalmRISC16 (Samsung), H8 (Renesas), HC12, Star 12 (FreeScale), Intel i386, Intel 8051, MIPS, MSP430, (TexasInstruments), PIC18, PIC24 (Microchip), PowerPC (FreeScale, IBM), SH4 (Renesas), TriCore (Infineon), V850 (NEC)
  • library/sc: processors of the NXP P5 and Infineon SLE 66 family
  • CDK Products

    • library/pc provides cryptographic algorithms for PCs and servers.
    • library/es is a C library for low-performance embedded systems.
    • library/sc is used for smart cards, SIM cards, NFC/USB tokens and other security ICs.
  • library/pc
    library/pc is a modular C++ library for the development of security-relevant applications. Possible fields of application range from adding security functions to an existing software solution to implementing full-fledged security software. As an example, library/pc is used for the German electronic passport border control systems. The library contains all prevalent cryptographic algorithms. Via the optional Secure Token Interface it allows for easy integration of external crypto units and key store media, including smart cards, USB security tokens and Hardware Security Modules (HSM).

    library/es is a C-based programming tool for realizing crypto functions in embedded systems, for instance in automotive electronic control units, cash registers, or measuring systems. Typical use cases are secure firmware update, secure feature activation, and encrypted communication. library/es is optimized for minimal resource consumption and high performance on a wide range of hardware platforms. A free performance evaluation tool (PET) can be used to evaluate potential applications and the performance achievable on actual hardware platforms.

    library/sc is a cryptographic library optimized for integrated circuits (ICs), as used in smart cards, SIM modules, NFC and USB tokens. On these platforms library/sc offers an efficient way to realize a all relevant crypto functions with the highest security standards and best performance. The quality of library/sc has been proven by several successful evaluations according to the Common Criteria (CC) and ITSEC frameworks. library/sc can be used on different microprocessors, while the internal security measures are adapted to specific hardware characteristics.

    • Available for many different platforms
    • Supports a wide range of protocols and algorithms
    • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
    • Some parts have ITSEC and Common Criteria evaluation

Success story

The German Federal Printing Agency (Bundesdruckerei) uses library/pc. It is applied in mobile and stationary systems for electronic passports and eID cards. library/pc was chosen by the customer because it enables easy integration of cards and tokens and because it incorporates cryptographic mechanisms based on elliptic curves (ECC).

library/es is used, among others, by automotive supplier Vector Informatik. Based on crypto mechanisms provided by library/es a secure bootloader for automobile control systems was realised, which is now used in millions of cars.

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  • sc/interface: Smart card middleware
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