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Now launched: sc/interface 7.0 supports more card types than ever before

cryptovision has launched version 7.0 of its smart card middleware sc/interface. This new edition includes an implementation of the CardOS 5.x security patch against the ROCA vulnerability. In addition, the number of card and token types sc/interface supports has grown to over 90. For instance, sc/interface now provides interoperability with the D-TRUST signature and D-TRUST seal card, as well as with the card operating system STARCOS 3.52. Apart from this, sc/interface comes with improved biometry functions, a new PKCS#11 handling and a more convenient card profile creation. There is no doubt that version 7.0 strengthens the position of sc/interface as one of the most flexible and secure smart card middlewares on the worldwide market.

sc/interface webpage: https://www.cryptovision.com/en/products/scinterface/