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Ibis Gelsenkirchen

A special negotiated rate and a block of rooms have been allocated.


Bahnhofsvorplatz 12
45879 Gelsenkirchen
+49 209 170 020
+49 209 209 882

Standard Single Bedroom: 79.00 € incl. Breakfast and free Wifi

Take advantage of this rate by booking a room VIA EMAIL to info.gel01@grandcityhotels.com using the keyword “mindshare 2018” before June 11th 2018 (you will need to confirm your reservation with a credit card).

Please note that the original date of the Mindshare 2018 was shifted by one day. In case you have already booked your stay for June 2 and 3 and you are experiencing difficulties to change or cancel your booking please contact cryptovision’s Sina Tong (+49-209-167-2431).


Ibis Styles (formerly known as InterCityHotel) Gelsenkirchen

No special rate available


Ringstraße 1-3
45879 Gelsenkirchen ∙ Germany
+49 800 10 10 88 0

Standard Single Bedroom: 77.00 € Breakfast included

Free Wifi and use of public transportation within Gelsenkirchen are included.

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