Have you ever heard of Lettuce-based Cryptography? Probably not. Perhaps, you have heard of Lattice-baced Cryptography, which is a family of asymmetric crypto methods believed to be secure against quantum computers. There are a few others of this kind, like Hash-based and Code-based crypto schemes. All of them are very sophisticated from a mathematical point of view. cryptovision’s Klaus Schmeh, who has a special skill in explaining complex technical concepts, will introduce the most important quantum-proof crypto algorithms at the 44CON Conference in London on Friday (September 14, 2018) this week. Like always, he will use self-drawn cartoons and other visual aids (e.g., a Rubik’s Cube for explaining non-commutative crypto) for illustration. One of the highlights of his talk, titled How to Explain Post-Quantum Cryptography to a Middle School Student, will be a cartoon snail giving an introduction to Lattice-based Cryptography. Or is it Lettuce-based Cryptography? Let yourself be surprised.

Conference program: https://44con.com/44con/44con-2018/44con-2018-schedule/