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Klaus Schmeh at SecIT 2019: Post-quantum crypto in the most entertaining way

120 people were sitting in the audience, and many a person repeatedly pulled out their smartphone to take pictures of the PowerPoint slides shown. No question about it, Klaus Schmeh’s talk about post-quantum cryptography at the SecIT was a success. The SecIT, a Hanover-based conference held for the second time this year, is in the process of establishing itself as a CeBit replacement for the IT security industry. The aim of Schmeh’s lecture was to explain the highly mathematical and for laymen hardly understandable methods of post-quantum cryptography in a descriptive way. Among other things, a snail (how does it find the next lettuce in 250-dimensional space?) and a logician (how do you intentionally make 128 mistakes that only a dedicated person can find?) made their appearance.

SecIT website: https://sec-it.heise.de/