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From a birds-eye perspective a company card system can be divided into the following components and services:

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cryptovision develops the following core components for state-of-the-art company card solutions. With the experience of over 15 years, more than 25 successful international projects, cryptovision and its select partners can deliver a full company card eco-system to customers.


In its fourth generation, CAmelot is more than a Public Key Infrastructure. Over the course of several PKI projects in recent years, it is evident that easy administration is key. By combining automated processes together with intelligent process control and monitoring functions, you can far exceed the basic requirements of virtually any PKI project. CAmelot allows you to design and custom tailor your individual PKI to suit all needs. Part of the system is Shallot, a powerful workflow engine that enables you to implement your own PKI workflows based on your company’s policies. Pendragon, the intelligent PKI client, supports the user with the management of their own personal certificates. The CAmelot management console supports your staff for administration of certificates generated from different CA’s so that you can easily integrate an external managed PKI service.


In order to make use of personal certificates located on your smart employee badge, sc/interface is the bridge between you company card and any applications running that can use digital certificates. In today’s computing environment with Bring-Your-Own-Device policies, there is a real need to use a Windows, Apple, Linux or even thin client workstations, and sc/interface supports all cryptographic interfaces implemented across these operating systems.

If you are currently using an older chip based employee badge, sc/interface helps you migrate and update to the current generation of company cards because of its wide range of supported card / token types. With over 60 different card OS supported sc/interface enables you to support both your existing company cards and deploy the new company cards with a single middleware.

Further, sc/interface features advanced use of biometric functionalities and supports contactless cards secured by using the PACE-protocol.


If your company needs to correspond with NATO to share Restricted Information via email, cryptovision offer s/mail. This is a software plug-in available for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes environments. s/mail improves the security by replacing the cryptographic algorithms with the current crypto suite and offers true end-to-end encryption.

The certification of the German it-security authorization “BSI” stands for improved security.

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