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About Us


We are a world-leading specialist for cryptography and electronic identity solutions. We have been specializing in this field for more than 15 years with hundreds of successful projects delivered.

More than 150 million people worldwide make daily use of our products in such diverse sectors as government, technology, financial, defense, automotive, retail and industry. Based on our experience we believe that our solutions for secure electronic identities and information protection are key for digital evolution.


Our cultures and business ecosystems evolve into one information society in a global network. This evolution will rapidly transfer many aspects of our life into a virtual environment. Transferring traditional concepts of trust, privacy, and integrity into this new digital world is the major challenge which can only be mastered by cryptography.


Drawing from a substantial depth of experiences in all areas of cryptographic technology, cryptovision’s mission is to secure electronic identities and protect information to enable digital evolution without losing the fundamentals that our community of self-determined humans is built on. Enabling access to cryptographic technology and applications over a wide range of companies, governments, and individuals is the main directive for all our products and solutions.


Our goal is to create software leveraging cutting edge cryptography and provide expertise on implementing this technology by bringing it to devices everywhere. We produce innovative eID applications, security token interfaces, digital certificate infrastructures, and cryptographic development tools which are key to securing identities, data, and communication worldwide.


Icon-Library-75cryptovision’s crypto development kits for microprocessors, embedded systems, mobile devices, PCs and servers enable our customers from all industries to integrate the whole spectrum of cryptography across platforms like bank and identity cards, automotive and other embedded systems, border control devices, smart metering, and standard IT infrastructures.
 Cryptographic Development Kits

Icon-ePasslet-75cryptovision’s Java Card applet suite provides a complete set of common criteria certified applications for electronic identity cards, travel documents, drivers licenses, EMV-compliant payment, digital signatures, health cards and many more. All applications are compliant with international standards.
ePasslet Suite

Icon-SCalibur-75cryptovision’s smart card middleware solutions integrate smart cards and security tokens in standard IT environments enabling strong authentication, encryption, digital signatures, and single sign-on. They supports more than 80 different smart card profiles across all major operating systems with their platform-specific interfaces.
sc/interface | SCalibur

Icon-CAmelot-75cryptovision’s public key infrastructure solutions for government and enterprise enable seamless key, certificate, and token lifecycle management. Role based workflows simplify identity provisioning, access revocation, and other use cases related to securing government eIDs or enabling enterprise defined security policies.
CAmelot | PKIntegrated

Icon-smail-75cryptovision’s secure email software provides end-to-end encryption and digital signatures for email at the highest security level currently available on the worldwide market. This unique security tool is the only solution certified for “Classified – for official use”, NATO Restricted and EU Restricted permissions.


cryptovision was founded in 1999 by Andreas and Markus Hoffmeister as a technology start-up and a spin-off of the Institute of Experimental Mathematics of the University of Essen.

The company is privately held and in addition to the founder Markus Hoffmeister the following investors currently hold shares of cryptovision: Bundesdruckerei, tbg, Stella Polaris, Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen, Identiv, Floris Capital, and Ernst G. Mayer.

Photo: Christina Förster