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Zetes SA – Zetes Cards

Contact: Jean-Marc Joiret
Business address Villalaan 13 Ruisbroek 1601 Belgium Webseite:


The People ID division of Zetes provides secure solutions to accurately identify people, either in their quality of citizen or as customer, both in the physical and the digital worlds. Its portfolio of solutions covers all the aspects of the identification and authentication processes, from registration to identity check. The company has more than 15 years’ experience in the implementation of sensitive projects for governments and supranational organisations, such as the emission of electronic national identity cards, passports, driving licenses, health cards and visa, as well as voter registration programmes and border control solutions. Our teams have a strong knowledge and know-how in the fields of biometrics, cryptography and data security.

The ZetesConfidens division of Zetes People ID is a QTSP as defined by the European Union’s eIDAS regulation. It focuses on the full life cycle of the digital identity, providing multi-platform and multi-modal solutions for securing e-transactions, electronic signing and digital authentication. With this particular product offering, Zetes also addresses private sectors, such as banking & insurance, as well as professional associations. But as digital identity is gaining steam around the world, governments remain a focus market also for ZetesConfidens.

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Villalaan 13 Ruisbroek 1601 Belgium