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Contact: Igor Merling
Business address 20, Lincoln st. Tel Aviv 6713412 Israel Webseite:


SuperCom is a systems integrator and solution provider in a number of vertical domains: National Identification, Lands Information Systems & GIS, and Electronic Monitoring.

SuperCom also works in the areas of cyber security, and communication equipment.

The National Identification division has been providing turnkey solutions for national projects of registration, and document issuing for the last 30+ years. This has included passports (plain and electronic), ID cards (plain and electronic), driving license cards (plain and electronic), visas, voter cards, and other travel documents. It has also provided systems for biometric identification, border control and other systems that relate to the use of those identification documents.

These systems cover diverse aspects such as data collection, biometric identification, secure document personalization, cryptography for electronic documents, ITC & application security.

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20, Lincoln st. Tel Aviv 6713412 Israel